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Thursday, December 18, 2014

SUE’S UPDATE (December 2014)

University’s Goals: U exceeds Legislatures performance measures
You will see that we, the University, met the performance measures set by the Legislature. Our units had impacts on three of the measures and I want to thank all of you for hitting the goals. The three areas include: improve graduation rates for low-income students (Twin Cities mandate), increase the total number of undergraduate STEM degrees (Twin Cities mandate), improve overall graduation rates by one percent, decrease administrative costs. Please take a look at the article for detailed information. Learn more >

Upgrade Final Approach
As The Upgrade is headed into its final approach, we may need to make requests of you and/or your staff to assist in final preparations. I want to thank you ahead of time for being so committed. The Student workstream is looking very good for meeting all the deadlines for go-live.

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