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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Morris updates (December 2014)

APLUS update
Morris has entered into the business process review and design status phase for the potential implementation of APLUS. This involves examination of  the current use of Pharos and re-imagining how its current  functionality could be accomplished and even enhanced in APLUS.   Morris staff have taken a very diligent and considerate approach in examining what additional information and awareness APLUS may bring to the campus community. The APLUS project managers from the Twin Cities campus have mentioned that some functionality that the Morris campus has requested would benefit  many current APLUS subscribers and is excited about these possibilities.

Media Collaboration Table 
UMM is in the process of setting up a new Media Collaboration Table as a common learning space. The Media Collaboration Table is a table with an attached digital display where students can connect their laptops or other devices to it. This will help students collaborate on group projects and will enhance the digital learning spaces in the library.

Important Dates 

  • Fall Term ends 12/18
  • Holiday schedule is; 12/25 Holiday, 12/26 Floating Holiday, 1/1/2015 Holiday,  1/2 Floating Holiday
  • Spring Term begins 1/12/2015

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