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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Policy update: Leave of Absence and Readmission for Undergraduates

On Wednesday, December 3, the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) passed the proposed changes to the Leave of Absence (LOA) and Readmission for Undergraduates policy. The registrar contacts at each of the campuses covered by the policy provided input before it went to SCEP.

Some of the changes reflected in the revision include:

  • Changing the title to reflect that students don’t actually re-apply to the University, but do indicate that they are planning on returning from the leave
  • Moved several portions of the policy language to the FAQ section since those portions pertained more to what happens if a student doesn’t enroll and doesn’t have a LOA
  • Strengthened the language about colleges and departments having the ability to hold students to new degree requirements if they return from a leave beyond the time specified on the leave
  • Added some more illustrative FAQs and cleaned up some definitions

The updated policy still needs to be presented to the Senate, the Policy Advisory Committee, and the President’s Policy Committee. If you want to see the current draft of the policy, please contact Tina Falkner.

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