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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Additional One Stop updates (Twin Cities)

One Stop Student Services is excited to announce the hiring of 12 student workers to fill the new position of Customer Relations Representative (CRR). CRR's will be an integral part of the a tiered service model at One Stop. The CRR role will assist One Stop customers with general student account, registration, and financial aid questions. The CRR's have begun a three-week training program and should be ready to assist customers by early August. In additional to the CRR hiring, One Stop will also welcome five new counselors on Wednesday, July 23. We are excited to have lots of new faces around the office!

Following the Presidential initiative on Retaining all Our Students (RaOS), the One Stop Live Like a Student (LLAS) team is creating targeted emails for Pell-eligible students to help identify financial resources on campus and provide ways to connect with the LLAS campaign. The team will be taking a course to become Certified Personal Financial Managers in order to assist broader and in-depth student financial issues.

One Stop recognition (Twin Cities)

Richard Campo was promoted to Assistant Director, One Stop Student Services, in mid-June. He replaces Jennifer Love, who took a position at Columbia University in New York City. Richard has been with One Stop since 2008 and has held the role of One Stop Counselor and Senior One Stop Counselor.

John Sill, One Stop Counselor in St. Paul, was recognized by the Board of Regents for his above and beyond service in One Stop. After assisting an alumni with auditing a course, the alumni contacted President Kaler and said he would be increasing his annual donation in honor of John and his outstanding service.

A big congratulations to Nate Peterson for his recently published article entitled "Living the Dream on a Dime: Wants vs. Needs" in Inceptia's Great Advice for Grads publication. Check it out on page 14.

One Stop Student Services' "Text D for Danger" video was recently selected by members of the University of Minnesota community as one of the winning submissions in University Services' transportation safety video contest. The One Stop team received a $250 gift card to the University Bookstore and their video will featured as part of the SafeU campaign in the future.

One Stop's financial literacy campaign, Live Like a Student (LLAS), recently won two awards at the annual University of Minnesota Communicators Forum awards ceremony on May 28. The awards were for the LLAS digital signage campaign, as well as their Welcome Week presentation. Kudos to the LLAS committee!

Classroom Technical Services wins AMX Innovation Award (Twin Cities)

Classroom Technical Services (CTS), a unit within Academic Support Resources, has received a $25,000 AMX Innovation Award for innovative collaboration practices in higher education for its design of the College of Pharmacy's Active Learning and Interactive Video Environment (A.L.I.V.E.).

The new classroom represents a significant pedagogical change for the Doctorate of Pharmacy program in the College of Pharmacy. Rather than traditional "sage on the stage" instruction, A.L.I.V.E promotes student created knowledge, with instructors able to direct, coach, and expand student learning while providing a bridge between the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses. Learn more about the project (PDF).

The AMX Innovation Awards is an exclusive awards program designed to recognize innovative higher education institutions for their use of technology in improving the campus experience. The awards were established by AMX and the University Business Leadership Institute to recognize members of the AMX Education Alliance for transforming education through innovative accomplishments and practices

Interim Director of IT accepts position on the TC campus (Rochester)

Linda Dick, Interim Director of IT, has accepted a position as IT Manager for the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the Twin Cities campus. Her last day was July 11. Discussions have started about interim strategies and plans.

Office of Student Finance updates (Twin Cities)

The Office of Student Finance Financial Aid has been busy packaging the 2015 student financial aid awards for students on all campuses and for all careers. For the Twin Cities alone, more than $45M in direct loans was packaged.

The Student Job Family Review has kicked off and must be complete August 6. The Finance Job Family Review is also under way.

The Student Finance functional steering committee has begun working on changes to the late and installment fees for 9.0. These changes will go into effect this fall.

Updates (Rochester)

One Stop is nearing the completion of training two new One Stop Counselors. The One Stop Student Service Center is now fully staffed. Team members are Andrea Berger, Paula Jewell, Kayla Piper, and manager Laura Walker.

Student/parent orientation for fall 2014 admits is complete as of July 17.

One Stop continues to work on reviewing process and procedures and posting them to the Student Resource Google Site.

New Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Development (Rochester)

The University of Minnesota Rochester is happy to announce that Lori J. Carrell, Ph.D. has been selected as the new Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Development.

Dr. Carrell previously worked at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where she played a key leadership role directing both the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, a research-based faculty development endeavor, and the University Studies Program, where she facilitated and implemented a large-scale, nationally-acclaimed, curricular reform.

"Dr. Carrell is exactly the right person with the right skills and the right background for UMR at this point in our development," says Chancellor Lehmkuhle. "I am firmly convinced that we have found the right person to lead our institution as the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Development."

Updates (Morris)

Together with staff in the Office of Classroom Management (OCM), Morris' first optimization run resulted in less than 10% of classes without rooms. Astra Scheduling has made academic room scheduling more streamlined for changes and cancelled classes. Thanks OCM!

Comings & goings (Duluth)

AVC Gerald (Jerry) Pepper is now supervising the Office of the Registrar and Students in Transition Office. OIR and SEM Director Mary Keenan is supervising the Office of Admissions and Office of Financial Aid.

The Office of the Registrar is wrapping up hiring of a staff member to coordinate visiting/non-degree student services and will be hiring soon for a support staff member to continue to support the transfer credit services; this includes the recovery of the UMD Course Catalog and Transfer Evaluations project.

Electronic Course Substitution form (Crookston)

Crookston staff are working on the development of an Electronic Course Substitution form. The process will allow for the academic adviser to submit the request, be reviewed for approval by the academic department, send the approved form to the Office of the Registrar (OTR), and log the event in a spreadsheet. This will allow OTR and the Academic Standards and Policy Committee to easily sort and analyze data. The goal is to have this fully functional by October 1.

Astra Classroom Scheduling (Crookston)

This month the Office of the Registrar (OTR) is receiving the first test run with Astra Classroom Scheduling. After completing the evaluation of the results and making minor adjustments in the parameters, the team hopes to reach a level of under 5% of courses being unplaced.

Student Veterans Tuition refund and waiver changes

Effective August 1, tuition refunds for students with dependent children will be granted for those that are impacted by their spouse's military deployment and required to withdraw from courses.

Also effective August 1, in-state tuition waivers will be extended to veterans in graduate and professional programs.

ESUP Student and All Campus Meeting evaluation results

Thank you all for providing some great feedback on the June 16-17 meeting! The survey results supported our observations that the meeting was a success. And yes....the meeting rooms were cold!

Overall, confidence was expressed in the success of the ESUP project. The top three sessions that rated as highly effective were: Workstream Intersections with Sue Van Voorhis, Mike Volna, Lori Lamb; Module Intersections Panel on Student PS Experience; and Training Approaches and Updates with Heather Micek, Jennifer Love, Nancy Killian.

While the feedback showed the group was very focused toward the hard data sessions and the live demonstration, many were delighted that President Kaler and Robert McMaster were able to make time in their schedules to recognize the important work of the ESUP Student team.

The All Campus Module Team report-out information regarding the teams challenges has been gathered by the Communications and Change Management team (CCT). This information will be shared with Sue Van Voorhis and the Project Leadership team and work will continue as to alleviate these challenges whenever possible. The output from the Addressing Difficult Changes with Stakeholders session with Kate Sophia, John Vollum, Lea Bittner-Eddy, Scott Bernard, Patty Bales, Jen Mein, and Matt Tveter is being shared with the CCT group for use in future planning.

Many of you expressed the need for more module time. The survey revealed the face-to-face meeting format is irreplaceable and the module time was extremely effective in getting work done. We will work to incorporate more module time in future events.

Additionally, many of you provided feedback and suggestions regarding the social component of the meeting (did someone say scavenger hunt, or was that happy hour?). The majority liked the idea of a baseball outing (despite the weather not cooperating). The "kudos" was a little under the radar, so in the future we will work to better highlight this type of recognition.

The feedback on the facilities and food were positive. The buffets were a hit but the breaks were a bit short (and Starbucks did a nice bit of business on our coffee demands!).

Finally, thank you to those of you who took time to complete the survey. We will act on the feedback as we begin planning the next event for early November to be held in the Twin Cities.