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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Student Reports Project

A Process for Report Prioritization project is underway and Ingrid is representing the Student pillar.

The group’s Purpose is develop a plan by September 1, 2015 that leads to the implementation of a process that can be consistently and uniformly followed for the identification, review, prioritization and selection of reporting projects by the EDMR Steering Committee that informs the OIT workplan.

Project Team Membership consists of; Sue Paulson, Vern Wehrle, Gary Ogren, Bill Kanfield,  Ingrid Nuttall, Ruth Dodson, Diane Kistler, Steve Gillard

The group has met four times and has:

  • Drafted a project plan including purpose, scope, and key deliverables
  • Developed an interim prioritization process, evaluation template and evaluation criteria
  • The intent is to use the interim process to move near term, high priority projects forward as well as to inform the long term plan

Many of you have been contacted and have provided information on reports needed for this project. Thank You. Look for a follow-up in September regarding the new process.

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