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Thursday, May 17, 2018

System Financial Aid Council (SFAC) updates (May 2018)

Summer awarding
As of May 10, summer packaging has been completed for all campuses and is on the batch schedule. Packaging runs on the batch schedule every night, Monday-Friday. The Borrowing History and Accept/Decline Awards have been turned on as well as the summer notices; FAANs along with the “you aren’t eligible for any aid” communications are also on batch.

Summer Pell
Good news for our Pell-eligible students attending summer at least half-time: the federal Pell grant eligibility has been expanded to year-round attendance for students who are enrolled 6 or more credits in the summer. In the past, many Pell-eligible students used up their full Pell awards during fall and spring semesters and had none or little left for summer. Thus far, summer Pell awarding has gone well and required little manual intervention.

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