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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

APLUS Moodle Pilot

For the past year, the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Biological Sciences have participated in a pilot in APLUS that allowed academic advisors to be alerted if—based on data from Moodle—one or more of their advisees earned poor grades in their assignments or hadn’t logged into the course site over the preceding two-week window. Advisors would then reach out and ascertain what might be happening and, if necessary, set up an appointment to discuss further. Although the information was generally useful for individual courses, advisors noted that it was much more meaningful if they were alerted if the student was exhibiting the above mentioned behaviors in multiple classes simultaneously. Results from the year-long pilot were very encouraging, and as a result, the Moodle pilot has been expanded to Crookston, and many more classes on the Twin Cities campus.

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