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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Eleanor's Update (January 2016)

It’s a New Year and it’s spring—term that is, time for reflecting on the past year and preparing for what’s ahead: Student Financials will be producing the 1098-T for the first time in PS V9; Financial Aid just did an Aid Year Rollover; and Student Records is fine tuning business processes related to enrollment, class search, and the backbridge.

The spring term is off an running and things seem to be going smoothly systemwide. ASR-IT put in place additional support for the start of the term to address any potential system issues. We did not experience any major system-wide problems; it appears that we are finally settling into our business in the PS V9 world.

You may notice in this month’s newsletter that we have begun to provide a fuller definition of some of the acronyms we use. They are second nature to so many of us—but we often forget they can be daunting or confusing to those outside our fields. Hopefully this additional information will be helpful in building understanding across our areas of expertise. Let me know what you think.

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